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Parklane Hotels Limited

In April 2021, the agreement between C.C.C. Tourist Enterprises Public Company Ltd and MHC Mediterranean Hospitality Venture Limited, for the divestment of C.C.C. Tourist Enterprises Public Company Ltd holding in Parklane Hotels Limited, was completed.

Moni Land

In February 2021, C.C.C. Real Estate Company Ltd has obtained a comprehensive Planning Permit for its 1,05 million sq.m. of beach land based and according to the provisions of chapters 14.15 and 23 of the Limassol District Plan. The aforementioned Permit relates to multiple usages such as housing, touristic, office and commercial, medical, academic and…

The Cement Plant in Moni

In April 2014, The Cyprus Cement Public Company Ltd completed the dismantling of its cement plant in Moni and it is proceeding with its plans for the development of the land, which has an area of appr. 1,1 million sq. meters and a coastline of 1,4 kms.

New Acquisitions

In March 2012, C.C.C. Holdings & Investments Public Company Ltd was entirely acquired by George S. Galatariotis & Sons Ltd and other associated entities through a public offer and was subsequently de-listed from CSE.

The Cement Production Merger and New Line

In March 2007, The Cyprus Cement Public Company Ltd reached a historic agreement with Vassiliko Cement Works Public Company Ltd (VCW) for the merger of its cement production and related activities with VCW, in exchange for 25,3% of VCW’s share capital. By June 2011 VCW completed the construction of a state-of-the-art cement plant with annual…

The Hotel Sector

In 1990, the entire share capital of L’ Union Nationale (Tourism & Sea Resorts) Limited was acquired by C.C.C. Tourist Enterprises Public Company Limited (CCCT). This acquisition heralded the beginning of the Group’s diversification into the hotel sector.

The Cyprus Cement Company Limited

The year 1969 proved to be a milestone year for the Group with the acquisition of the 100% share capital of The Cyprus Cement Company Limited, from William Baird & Co. Ltd and Tunnel Portland Cement. The Company soon after was floated as a Public listed company on the CSE.

George S. Galatariotis & Sons Ltd

In 1947 George S. Galatariotis & Sons Ltd was established succeeding the commercial operations of George Galatariotis who had been in trading in various commodities since 1917. The Company quickly expands in many areas of imports including building materials and food stuff.